The most powerful database and application development solution for small to medium businesses on the desktop and client/server, Mac or Windows.

4D is an integrated development platform – a single product comprised of the components you need to create and distribute professional applications.

You get a graphical design environment, SQL database, a programming language, integrated PHP execution, HTTP server, application server, app builder, and much more.

Why 4D?

Time to Market

In business, timing is everything – and it’s always best to be ahead of the pack. 4D allows you the flexibility to adapt to evolving business rules and the agility to react to changing needs. This all translates into a quicker return on investment, something anyone can appreciate.


4D is not only committed to maintaining compatibility with legacy solutions created with older versions, but further embraces technological standards and emerging technologies. 4D solutions are not only highly competitive… but highly collaborative.


As a business grows and evolves, so must its business solutions. Solutions created with 4D can be adapted to many modes of operation and to many scales of implementation – without having to be rebuilt from scratch. A 4D application that was initially created for one user can be made to support hundreds overnight.

Low Cost of Ownership

It’s not about cutting corners or making special offers, but about providing solutions tailored to your exact needs. 4D’s unique ability to scale to your size and integrate with your existing systems means not only a great savings of money, but of time.

Beyond PC and Mac

4D’s cross-platform compatibility and consistency is legendary. But now, there's more than just two main platforms. Each browser, each smartphone, and each rich internet technology is a new platform. What they have in common are standards – and 4D is glad to support them.

4D has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It has numerous features standard. Features like a built in HTTP web server, so you can start hosting a web page – and even a web application – right away. Test it, tweak it, and play with it ‘til you’ve got it the way you want it.  Then, once it’s ready for primetime, you can exercise your option to expand. All you need to do is activate a 4D Web Server license, and your web app can be available to the world.

The same applies for Web Services. Consume any of the thousands of Web Services out there using a simple wizard. Or – in a single click – make any of your own application logic available as a Web Service. Again, when you’re ready to go live, just activate the 4D Web Services server and you’re good to go.

4D Modules:

4D Development Packages

  • Design Environment
  • Languages
  • Open Standards
  • Enhancing your App
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4D Deployment Packages

  • Standalone
  • Client/ server
  • Web/Mobile
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4D Latest Highlights & News

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  • 4D v17 is now available! ORDA, 4D Write Pro, 4D Language, SDI mode enhanced User Experiences, Key Securities Improvement

    4D v17 is now available!

    More than 70 new features at your disposal with this groundbreaking release!

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    4D v16 is now available!

    Thanks to its new features and advanced core technologies, 4D v16 enables you to create and run scalable, rapid, flexible and engaging applications, easily adaptable to changes in business needs. 

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  • 4D v14.6 is now available

    4D has announced the immediate availability of 4D v14.6, the latest version of its v14 product line.

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    4D v15.3 is now available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest release for the 4D v15: 4D v15.3.

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