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NEW IN 4D v20 R3

4D Language

Features to further empower developers

Discover a trio of powerful features tailored to streamline your development process.

Say goodbye to repetitive code! Declare and initialize variables effortlessly in a single line, reducing redundancy and simplifying your coding process.

Simplify method and function declarations by adding the "…" symbol to the last parameter. It allows flexibility and readability in your code, making it more concise while handling varying parameters effortlessly.

Explore the power of the new multiSort() function! It streamlines sorting and synchronization across multiple collections, enhancing data manipulation efficiency significantly.

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4D REST Server

Global Stamps to Track Data Changes

Global stamps, once exclusive to 4D for Mobile, have broken free.

Harness the power of global stamps in multiple scenarios using the 4D REST Server. This feature allows the update or synchronization of data by transferring only the changes made since the last synchronization instead of transferring the entire dataset.

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4D Write Pro

Elevated document Experience

Unlock the potential of PDF/A format! While optional, this format opens doors for future applications like electronic invoicing, enabling efficient and eco-friendly business transaction management.

Assign names to formulas for enhanced document readability. With easily identifiable formulas, users swiftly understand each formula's purpose, simplifying template work and elevating user experience.

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Tailored Control for Enhanced Interactions

Customize WebSocket client headers for enhanced control over interactions. Transmit security or application-specific data, offering unparalleled versatility.

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4D View Pro

Better Performance for Larger Documents

Experience enhanced performance for larger 4D View Pro documents with a new blob format. Store compressed files in your database without compromising speed.

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Visual Studio Code extension

Unlock 4D Insights Instantly

Discover the new "Show 4D Documentation" feature! Hover over your desired command or class and access informative descriptions instantly. Click for comprehensive details to enhance your coding experience in VSCode.

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