4D v19 LTS

New in 4D v19 LTS

Tap into the power of Apple Silicon and immediately experience a performance boost, thanks to Apple M1’s remarkable capabilities. Discover 4D’s redesigned architecture with Project mode. Run businesses on the go with 4D for iOS. Enjoy new features for the 4D language, ORDA, 4D Write Pro, and 4D View Pro.

4D v19 takes building business applications to new heights.

Object-Oriented Programming in 4D.

An approach that models the real world.

OOP allowed us to push the 4D language far beyond what was previously possible, promising greater productivity, better code quality, and lower maintenance costs. We bet on code that is closer to human language, easier to understand, similar to modern object-oriented programming languages, and compatible with your existing code.

More about Object-Oriented Programming

4D for Apple Silicon

The reason this LTS is out six months earlier than planned.

With a brand-new compiler and notable performance enhancements, 4D now runs natively on Apple computers using the Apple Silicon M1, which you and your customers will certainly be happy to use to give your 4D applications a boost right away.

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4D redesigned architecture. Project Mode.

For collaboration and much, much more.

While 4D Project mode enables solo developers to keep an eye on the history of their work, and highly distributed workforces to work collaboratively, it also paves the way for many development possibilities that positively affect the end-user. Modularity. CSS. Apple M1’s remarkable performance. And we’re just getting started!

4D for mobile. Carry your data in your pocket.

Run businesses on the go.

Track warehouse inventory, search products using barcodes, create invoices during client visits, perform onsite inspections, conduct health assessments, consult your contracts, get customer signatures after package deliveries, and much more. All that thanks to 4D for iOS and, in a coming feature release, 4D for Android.

The 4D language. Power taken further.

With +40 new features for business and productivity.

Speed up your development process with the plethora of new features. 4D v19 has made the 4D language more advanced than ever before.

Object-Relational Data Access (ORDA).

Advanced technology for ambitious developers.

ORDA has revolutionized the way data is accessed and presented in 4D. The entire 4D database can be accessed using an object-oriented approach. Instead of representing information as tables, records, and fields, ORDA uses an alternate approach that maps data to real-world concepts more accurately.

Today's applications are forced to handle complex and large data sets. ORDA tackles this issue by providing a seamless coding experience to developers and effective insights to end-users at a reasonable timeframe.

ORDA Classes.

With great power comes great efficiency.

4D v19 drastically enhances the power of ORDA, especially with the use of classes. They allow you to combine all the benefits of an OOP language with a deep link to data.

By creating high-level class functions above the data model, you can write business-oriented code to hide complexity, reduce errors, and speed up your development process.

4D Write Pro.

Simplify document creation workflows.

4D Write Pro is a powerful desktop publishing engine entirely programmable and fully integrated into 4D.

Create invoices, reports, delivery notes, complex contractual documents. Display them on the web and send them as HTML Emails. Save them as PDF. Import from and export to Microsoft Word format.

4D View Pro.

More than a spreadsheet solution.

Build reports, dashboards, budget planners with eye-appealing charts, perform mathematical operations and use built-in formatting to bring important data to the first lines. Import and export your documents to Microsoft Excel format, save them as templates or PDF files and attach them to emails. If you love Excel, you'll adore 4D View Pro.