Good manpower resources management can be a competitive edge for any businesses. Hence, it is advantages to the organisation that puts in place good human resource management strategies and processes. These processes can include recruitment, performance management, training and compensation.  AXecutives HRM is a suite of solutions that support business owners, senior management and HR managers in implementing these processes effectively and efficiently.



AXecutives HRM offers the following benefits: 

Higher Productivity

When most of the HR processes are automated using the solution, the HR managers can be more productive and efficient in the operational functions. This allows the managers to attend to the strategic functions such as HR policies, employee engagement and development.

Better Teamwork

The solution allows sharing of information to the employees in the departments or teams. These information can include leaves calendar, resource allocation to projects, performance evaluation and training records. These shared information would allow the departments and teams to work more efficiently.

Right People in the Right Job

The solutions allows the organisation to build a centralised database of candidates and employees. With this database that maps specific skills, stores records on performance and employment history, senior management and HR managers can make better strategic decisions on new recruitment and employee retention.

System Features

Traxolution time tracking solution consists of the following modules:

The Payroll Management supports the payroll officer to:

  • Track the salary, allowances, claims and deductions of the employees.
  • Automate the generation of payslips and email to the respective employees.
  • Automate the computation of CPF contribution and minimise the human input errors.
  • Automate the monthly bank transfer instructions for the payrolls.

Traxolution Modules:

Timesheet Tracking

Keep track of the time spent across different projects and company’s departments.

Student Attendance

Keep track of student attendance and generate reports

Traxolution Mobile

Time tracking application for both iOS and Android platform